Understanding The System

You do not make any profits until you are on your 2nd stage. Payments for stages 2 "plus" are coming out of your profit wallet, and then go to your vault wallet reserve, then pay up your stage levels. Please note, that for the first 1.5 stages, there is not the original $90 for stage 1 in the pay structure. This has to be there to keep your stage 1 pay up and you do not get the extra profits until you have hit stage 2. I, myself, assumed that all payments were to come out of profits only, but I was wrong. The 1st $90 is the rolling entrance donation to keep in the system. In order to solve this problem, you need to build your team to the 2nd stage as fast as possible (that's 6 members or at least 5) either from your recruiting or spillover from people above you. This can be done very fast since the business is very easy to promote in its simplicity. So don't be scared. A normal business like this can take a couple years, but with Crypto Elevation, only a few short months on average or if you are a recruiter, a couple of days.

Level 1- Stage 0: Receive $0 - Pay $90 - you are 1 person

Level 2- Stage 1: Receive $180 - Pay $180 - you have 2 team members to teach to get 2

Level 3- Stage 2: Receive $720 - Pay $360 - you have 4 more, making 6 team members total (now you have profit that covers your Stage 1 $90)

This is not a get rich scheme but a Donation Structure that becomes very profitable, very quickly as long as everyone understands that building your team is important. Just find 2 people to support you and help them find their 2 people to support them. Simple math!

comp plan simplified