ORU Card

(One Race United)

Your Sponsor: Michael Courtois

There has been issues with the "Paypal" and "Stripe" online payment systems where they are denying payments through MLM and similar types of online businesses. Why? We don't know. But this problem is disrupting many online business opportunities and on-going online sales. The solution to this is a new company called ORU (one-race-united). Allot of the PowerXS Group opportunities will be evolving into this payment option, so it is suggested that we all get this ORU Card into our portfolio for one of our payment options. We can't rely on Paypal or Stripe anymore. They have frozen accounts in many businesses "already running" and the losses to people is staggering.

The cost to join as a member is $30.94 and to be a participant is $5.95 per month (after joining as a member you must register for your card). You need to place your "sponsors name" into your registration page (name is above). You can have multiple cards-accounts but please use the same sponsor. It's only fair!

The ORU Card also has many benefits such as referral payments for recruiting members of $10 each (direct to you). You can recruit and unlimited amount of members across one line (direct to you) and you also receive referral payments down 10 levels. So by using this card and passing your personal referral link around, you have added another stream of income to your portfolio. Please watch the videos below to understand. This should be of priority. This is why I have placed this link into our opportunity link as well as our payment processor links.