About Us 


Our concept is "Keeping It Simple". The less complicated our system is, the easier it is to "promote" and generate a residual income for life. The "new wave" of the "work from home" businesses are here and they are simple, easy and affordable, with very little "delayed gratification". The idea of using a donation platform is to "promote" your opportunity for a "cause" and not have to sell, market, solicit, push or stockpile your product or service.

The excess power (PowerXS) of people networking products and services together as a community of "people-helping-people"

We have a "new wave" of work-from-home opportunities in today's era. The magic of the internet has made it possible for business systems to become affordable, easy, simple and profitable. We utilize the power of forced wallet reserves, forced matrix enrollment, residual income doing little to nothing, no stock piling of products, minimal to no administration fees, mass marketing world wide, networking by word of mouth and internet linking, simple and quick payment methods, online training, no meetings or seminars, no required autoship, many advertising portfolios for invitations, etc.

We have newer marketing platforms that are designed to mass promote our systems to the world. We are offering "legal" and profitable donation systems to generate a possible, rapid future retirement income, income assistance, income replacement or just the flexibility of having an extra income to make your life easier and allow you more time to enjoy your life without having to work extra time at your present job to finance "fun". The perfect life is having money and the time to enjoy it. Our business structures are a win-win for everyone. They generate "running capital" to run your operation. They generate a lucrative compensation and they allow us to privately give back to society in a way you could never imagine before.

Our businesses are not saturated like companies that have been around for 60+ years and so on. The network promotion concept is to build your donation community, fast and large so you have a business foundation to generate your residual income and support the cost of operating a huge pay-it-forward concept. This is very important to understand! The phrase, "the people at the top make all the money", is true but people insist on going with MLM companies that have 10+ years running thinking that they are a proven success but not understanding that it will take much longer to achieve success since the business in question is basically saturated by now. We are at the beginning of a new concept of Crowd Funding. This has only just started to become popular since 2016, thanks to our governments making Crowd Funding a "public" venture opportunity.

PowerXS is a Pay-It-Forward Donation Platform

Crowd Funding - "NOT MLM" - Crowd Funding

Our Crowd Funding division is "not" to be compared to Multi Level Marketing, Pyramids, Network Marketing or even Direct Marketing. You don't Market this. You only promote your campaign. There are NO hidden secrets, NO smoke and mirrors, NO complicated structures, NO commissions, NO breakdown of funds, NO waiting to get paid (Transfers are 100% peer to peer directly and instantly), NO products to buy and NO stock piling. There is nothing required for you to learn unless you wish to learn some "personal" training. Don't waste your time trying to think "What's the Catch" because there isn't any! This is not an investment business, this is a legal Crowd Funding campaign platform. This is all this is. Change your way of thinking!

Crowd Funding has been used extensively for the past 5 years by politicians and now since the "JOBS Act" (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) was signed into law by President Barack Obama on April 5, 2012, Crowd Funding is legal for everyone. The Political name for Crowd Funding you may recognize, is "CAMPAIGN RALLY". We are giving you the opportunity to put in place, your very own personal campaign to support your own cause and crusade's through our corporate designed program. We are using today's technology with the compliance of Crowd Funding/Rally rules and regulations. All personal donations are "private" and "anonymous".