Un-Successful Advice 

You will always be a victim of the nah sayer's and the criticizer's. They know it all! Don't you know that? Bull! You have the greatest gift of "free will". Use it! No one can force you into a decision that you choose to make or not to make. It's your life.

Each generation changes because of: Economy, Trends, Products, Services, Technology, Markets, Your Finances, Your Friends, Your Career, Your Family, People Around You, etc. etc. etc. Older philosophy books, physiological books, etc. do not mean anything any more. The world has changed huge since then. The way people think and the way people are, have gone sideways since the popularity of the internet. We are "all" subject to re-learn society and how people tick. When people give us advice, they are giving you advice from "their" experiences and from what they have been told by others and from what worked and didn't work in the past. The key word being "past". Things of life change every day so listening to others doesn't work anymore since technology has advanced so much and so fast. Social media has sped up the process of change, exponentially. Don't judge a book by its cover. You will be fooled! We now have to make our own future and decisions because there is not enough proven experience out there yet with all the new changes.

Would you take financial advice from someone in poverty?

Would you take marriage advice from someone on their 4th marriage?

Would you take advice for raising your children from a, single, 19 year old or a book someone wrote from years ago or from a different country?

ETC, But people do. You need to stop thinking this way and create an "open mind". A mind of your own!