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There is a fair amount of online businesses that do not make it and some only make it because the cost is so high that once you are in, you have invested too much of your own money to give it up. It just becomes a long stagnant business. Only a few at the top make it but continue to struggle to stay there. I've done this and had lost allot of money and drive because of this. But I did learn! You can spend years building a business, so how much time and money do you have? People attempt online business for extra money or to provide a retirement or early retirement. They join to "make money". Online products and services are more expensive than going to your local store for the same, similar product. The reason they do is to generate a future income. When it comes down to it, it's not the product or service, it's the desire "to make money".

This Is For Everyone

Note: These are my own results of my findings of over 30 years of Network Marketing. I have been a member in over 400 MLM businesses to learn, train and determine which are good and which are not. Some I tested to the fullest and some were gone very quickly. You must use this information at your own discretion. Please do not "quote" me on the "hear say" of my information. This Training is for my teams with the PowerXS Group to only attempt to help my team members to succeed in their endeavors and to help prevent them from making the mistakes I have made. The information you will see on my "personal" web site is direct and "straight from the hip". I do not believe in "smoke and mirrors". I tell it like it is.

NOTE: You must look at all these training links as a "general education" for all and determine which will work for you. Use my information at your own discretion. I believe everyone has a chance and deserves a chance. This is free!


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Prelaunch Your Business

How Do I Promote Crypto Elevation and To Who?

Change Your Way of Thinking

What is Crowd Funding

The Difference From Crowd Funding and MLM

What is Crypto Elevation

What Is Choice Humanitarian

What is The Digital Gold Club

How Do I Do This

Understanding Concepts and Reality

Cause, The Why, Crusade and Campaign Rally

Common Questions and Answers


Dealing With Rejection

Tools for Success

Crypto Elevation Details and "Smoke & Mirrors"

What is Crypto Currency

Where To Buy And Spend Crypto

The Purchasing Power Using Crypto

Support System