Business Overview:

Most of our business opportunities have a "cause" and have set up a program to finance their "crusade". I donate to the "cause" and "crusade" of my sponsor. In return, I become a sponsor and I will start receiving donations for my own "cause" and my "crusade". No strings attached and no questions asked. People helping people. These are not systems you need to market. They are systems you need to promote. There is no selling. We are a Crowd Funding platform using a pay-it-forward concept. All you need to do is to define your "cause" then promote the pay-it-forward concept by sending out your marketing advertising link.

If you read my "delayed gratification" link, you will see that all of our "onetimer" programs are extremely affordable. There is no extra's. No product's or services to buy, There is No autoships or qualifiers. It's very simple and cost's very little to join and get started on making your dreams come true and fast.