Be Nice 

One Person Can Poison 1,000's

When you are promoting or marketing your business opportunities, you will find an enormous amount of rejections. Don't worry! It's normal. "You can't fix stupid". People feel they have the right to be-little you when it comes to a subject that they don't understand, therefore, rejecting everything you say or do and rudely commenting you without prejudice. You may feel their rejection is because of you but it is not. It's the subject they are defensive about. This rejection can depress you and make you quit moving forward. The art of promoting or marketing is only a numbers game. You need to have allot of no's and rejections to find the people that will finally listen to your presentation.

Next, is the person you are "sparking the interest" with. You have no idea of the type of day this person has had. He could have been going through a very stressful and challenging day and needs to make everyone's day a bad one. They may have a huge headache. Maybe something serious happened to them and they need a "venting post". How you react to this persons rudeness can affect everything you are doing. You need to understand that these people do not have the heart to open up and "will" be rude.

The "power" of the internet has caused fear among people. When it comes to bashing people, they can go viral and destroy you. If they are "vengeful" personalities, they will make sure, everyone is aware of their thoughts on the subject you approached them on. There would be a exponential effect from all the people that they know and all they people they know. This could end up being 1,000's. If they reject you and make rude comments to you, just smile and walk away. It's that simple. Do not argue with them. Do not try to convince them. "You can't fix stupid".

Be nice! Always be nice, even as you walk away. Thank them for their time and apologize to them if need be. The damage they can cause you could be a devastation to your future business. They are not worth your time. Move forward to the next.