Bricks & Mortar

There is a huge cost behind a traditional business. Most of the cost is the place of operation; own a building, lease a building, setting up, all utilities, taxes, insurance, snow removal, signage, security, parking, cleaning, garbage disposal, etc. Then there are supplies, tools, equipment, computing, interact and cash registers, safes, stock, staff, advertising, training (yours and staff), shrinkage (stealing and out-of-date), etc. Then there are legal costs such as lawyers, licensing, WSIB, EI benefits, bank accounts, loan repayment, bookkeepers and accountants, franchise fees (if required), etc. Then there is the fact of "manning the store" (the fact that you must be there from open to close and work at home as well), hours of your own labor to make sure the business is operational, etc. Then there is the risk of business location, technology change, economy change, bad employees, competition, etc. Then there is a commitments such as: If you do not feel good, you must still go to work, if you do not then you will lose money, you can not take time off or you will lose money, if people do not show up for work you must cover their positions, etc.

These are some of the problems with traditional businesses on top of buying or building from ground up. no matter what you do, this is fact. This is a "bricks and mortar" type of business

"Network Marketing eliminates almost all of these issues"

Crowd Funding has NO bricks and mortar and NO smoke and mirrors. It is what it is! "Simple"