Business Cards for Advertising

Business cards are a great form of advertisement, especially when some people do not know how to approach someone with the right words. Cards are simple and people usually do not throw cards away like they do flyers. They put them in their pockets then usually place them on the fridge or their end-table. I have used cards for advertising for over 40 years. Not as a name plate - as and advertisement. When I make my words up for my cards, I set an advertisement on them. Like a very small flyer. I can drop them anywhere and they are simple to pass around. They are an icebreaker on an approach to a prospect. You can also have your friends help you advertise by handing them a few dozen to pass to their friends. It's not your friends and family that you are needing, it's their friends and family that you want (third party influence)

I have some team members who do not wish to talk to anyone but don't mind passing "MY" cards to people. I get them to write their name on the back and when someone calls, I ask if there was a name on the back. Then I know who to recruit this enrollee under. I also have my picture on the card, not to be arrogant but to solve a problem I have had in the past. I have had members set up appointments on there behalf and I don't know who I am seeing or what they look like. As long as they have my card with my picture on it, they can find me.

I have used my card to just save me from writing my phone down or email to someone. The hidden intention is for advertising too. On the back of my cards I have a spot for people to write down some information about them, so I can contact them later (that's all the information required for enrollment too).