Cash Value vs Point Value

A Crowd Funding Business using Crypto Currency "point value" can make future purchases extremely high and deter future recruits this will make the team fail after time. It out-prices itself. The team must continue or fall in time.
Example: If the value of the Coin is $30,000 and the required enrollment is 0.1 then this means it will cost $3000 to start. This becomes very expensive to join and very hard to find their 2 recruits to join. The downline will just stop, then people above will not get paid and they will stop, etc. With Cash Value, the purchase to start will never change and the team will continue to grow forever.

Cash Value:
The dollar value of how much Crypto Currency is purchased for that level ($90 = $90)
Crypto Currency Value: The dollar value of the "point" volume of Crypto Currency of that moment (0.1 = ????)

In Crypto Elevation, we use the Cash Value. The business is Crowd Funding and is not an investment business. We only use crypto as a "form of payment". This is the bonus. People get all worried about crypto values going up and going down. They get scared. Since we are using "cash value", when the crypto is down, it's a bonus because we receive a greater amount of "point value" with the donations we receive. Our business should never suffer motivation because of the rise and fall of the value behind crypto. It's just a "form of payment". We receive the "purchasing power of our coins to either store them and let them increase or convert them to cash to use.