Change Your Way of Thinking 

We spend all our lives listening to our parents, grandparents, friends, schools, news, government, etc. They teach us to get a good education, work for 45 years and you can retire, comfortably. This does not work! We are taught to DO what we need to do, LEARN as we go and this DEFINES what we get in the end. You will end up SETTLING for what is there for you. Do you really want that? A controlled future. To end up where life takes you and settle for it and teach your children to do the same?

Change your way of thinking! DEFINE what you want and where you want to end up. Listen and LEARN about what and how to do to achieve your desires and DO IT!

All you have to do is define your "cause"

Without a "cause" we have no purpose

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Get a "JOB", Work 40 hours a week, Work 45 years and have NOTHING to show for it. And to "think", we are teaching our kids to do this - Change Your Way of Thinking



When I was growing up, I was told these "rules" of life. I believe that you need to put a full day of hard work to bring money home to survive. My mind was solid with this BS training because that's all that I knew. Besides, this is what our governments pushed since they needed the tax money. We were taught and had our minds programmed in school for the same reason. I was always taught that putting my money into a bank account was the way to go until I learned about various investments. I "changed my way of thinking" and diversified my savings and made more money by doing so.

I caught on early in life to realize that all the business owners made all the money. This took me a few years to catch on. I finally decided to open up a cleaning business and I made extra money doing that part time. I was beginning to "change my way of thinking". After time I ended up owning an insurance business and lived from that for a while. I need to mention that there are 3 things that can bring down and destroy any business you open; One, is the economy. If the economy is down, the public withdraws. Two, is technology. This is a given and Three, is people. I eventually had 7 stores and I needed to go away on a family emergency for a year. When I came back, my people had taken it all from me. I also realized that owning a store takes all your time. You have to basically "man" it yourself or lose it.

When I was 20, I joined Shaklee and I still didn't understand what I had. I could not "change my way of thinking". It took years for me to see the big picture of how I was "settling" for what life had to offer. I had been pushed into many of these MLM projects over the years to finally realize - they were right! We "did" get "fubared" and by our own government. They programmed me, my parents and my grand parents, to settle for their ways. I finally realized the power behind MLM (call it a pyramid if you wish. I don't care. You can't fix stupid) with the difference between 100% of one (yourself) or 1% of a hundred (a team community). Meaning - I can't do it all by myself. I found out this information and reality too late in my life. I need help and so do you!

It took me years and years to be able to "change my way of thinking" to realize there is another way. The old saying - you can't teach an old dog new tricks - is not true. It just takes much longer. So I eventually did and now I know where MLM fits. There is nothing wrong with MLM except you still have to "man" it and settle for the products and services marketed by the MLM business. You still only get a percentage and make someone else rich. Now we have something completely different. Crowd Funding! This is a new wave of marketing. The power of the internet has made this possible to promote your cause to the world and find people that care about others and you can make money by doing this. Now I have had to "change my way of thinking" again. This is not MLM or Investment. I have been studying this for a while now and I now see the difference in this compared to all the rest of the systems I have been in. It's supporting your "cause" and just promoting it. 100% of the money flows to the people and to the "cause". No hidden secrets, No smoke and mirrors, No gimmicks, No settling, etc. Please learn this concept and "change your way of thinking"

All that "changing your way of thinking" is, is to increase your reception of an "open mind". To understand "new" things and re-educate yourself. That's all. Stop being programmed by our governments. They don't care about us at all.. It's obvious!

The Responsibility Curve

It takes $720,000 at 5% interest to generate an income of $3,000 per month. You have 45 years to set your finances to this point of comfort. If you start saving $1,333 each month from age 20 to 65, you will have $720,000. If you didn't start at age 20 - then you are already behind!


The Income Quadrants

There is a point when people talk about "freedom" and try to say they have it figured out. Freedom is based on finances, no matter what anybody says! Money doesn't buy everything, but it does buy "time". The more money you make, the more you become free. Passive and Residual Income is the key for freedom. There are sections of this "Income Quadrant" pictorial that show variations entrapment and variations of freedom. Define what you want, learn how to do it and then do it!