Currency Revolution

This is now in the process! There is an evolution of currency change evolving at the present time. This is "decentralized" digital currency and don't be scared. We have been using digital currency for decades now. The only difference now is "we are in control" since Crypto Currency has taken the "third party" out of the equation. Crypto Currency is anonymous. It is extremely safe since it's set-up through 100's of 1,000's of anonymous computer servers around the world and in every country. The algorithms and hash tags are 1,000's of times greater than our government controlled banks and financial institutions. This can not be cracked or hacked. Our Governments around the world are scared and trying to stop this or control this. This is impossible as an example: would Germany let Russia see their financial data base? Would North Korea let Australia see their financial data? Would the United States let India se their financial data? NO WAY! The Governments will NEVER be able to tap into these. In fact, since our financial institutions are about to lose allot of money due to the growth and expansion of Crypto Currency, they are looking at becoming Currency Converters themselves. "If you can't beat them - join them".

The Program for Crypto Currency was placed in and around the entire world approximately in 2009. It was designed around 2004 but held back for setting up and testing. The inventor knew that once it was initialized that this cannot be reversed. The inventor "disappeared" since this is treason for every country on the planet. Crypto Currency is solid and here to stay. It took until 2016 for the world to become familiar with it and now the conversion is non-stoppable. It's inevitable that the world currency will be dissolved and Crypto Currency will evolve. In a decade or two, there will be no physical cash. Purchases will be made with cards, computers, phones, etc. As an example: The initiation of the Euro Dollar basically tested this process, combining several currency exchanges into one. It's now time to complete this evolution with Crypto Currency.

The anonymous value of Crypto Currency is its power. You own it! The security behind the system is second to none. It has been set-up to provide protection for "money laundering" since you are only allowed to purchase small limited amounts at a time. No government has to know you have any or can find out. You purchase products and services where Crypto Currency is accepted and there are millions of products, services, companies, etc. that accept Crypto for payment. There are 1,000's of "Gift Cards" that can be funded through Crypto to allow you to purchase using Dollar Value. These are funded anonymously and used anonymously. If you are on a "controlled Income" then this works perfectly for you to be able to have the extras in life that you deserve and this balances the "rich get richer and the poor get poorer" syndrome. Your extra income is hidden.

Now you know why our Governments will fight this to the death but it's impossible to stop or intervene.

Now they are joining in the evolution. It's inevitable!


The Banks Know It…
And There Isn’t a Damn Thing They Can Do to Stop It!

Many will try to stop it or slow it down, but the rise of crypto currency is the
Internet money that is about to be just as much of a destructive force as the worldwide web was to many businesses at the turn of the century.

Even the managing director of the International Monetary Fund,
Christine Lagarde, admitted that “Bitcoin and crypto currency have as much of a future as the Internet itself.”

She goes on to remorsefully say that “It could displace central banks,
conventional banking, and challenge the monopolies of national monies… It even puts a question mark on the fractional banking model we know today.”

This comes down to the ultimate use of money, and in every way, the
crypto currencies beat the central bank debt notes.
Outside of major currencies, like the U.S. dollar, I think billions of people
would agree that they trust crypto currency more than their national currencies.

Remember, Bitcoin and crypto currency don’t have to take on the dollar in 2017. They can first wipe away 90% of the other national currencies before the big title fight. People in China, India, Venezuela, Argentina, and all throughout Africa are already making Bitcoin their medium of exchange. This specifically includes the 2 billion unbanked people who happen to have a smart phone, which is all that’s needed for a Bitcoin wallet.

Crypto currency is already a better way for payments and transferring money. The blockchain self-validates, and the fees are nil compared to banking fees. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but the path for crypto currency to dethrone central banks is certainly on the table over the next 10 years.