Define Your Why?

The one "main" reason for starting any business is to make money or we would not even bother. But in reality, we all seem to need a why! The "why" for a Crowd Funding business is based on "your cause", "your crusade", "your vision" and/or "your need to support an organization of some sort. This give you the motivation to promote your business with subconscious desire. A reason to move forward! This is much easier than trying to sell!

If you had the opportunity and the money to support an organization, which organization would you pick? Now isn't that an easier and the most "unselfish" approach to promote your business? The simplicity is just that - simple!

We are all given the chance to define the organizations we desire to support ourselves and with the help of a huge team of supporters. We can choose to support charities, churches, foundations, businesses, clubs, events or anything we desire to "give back to society". This gives us our "why" we will do this and "why" others will as well!


Without a "cause" we have no purpose

Define Your "Cause" PDF download                                  My "Cause" Jogger PDF download

Define Your "Crusade" PDF download                          My "Crusade" Jogger PDF download


Pay-It-Forward and Random-Acts-Of-Kindness are your "personal" acts. From the heart!