Know Some Facts

No-one forces an individual to join a business. The business is introduced to the individual and the individual "chooses" rather or not to join on their own "free will". God gave us "free will".

How do I get started with Crypto Elevation?

Click on 'Sign Up' in the menu above. Enter your New Member information and click on 'Update'. Once in your Dashboard, visit your Wallet and click on 'Show Wallet'. (If your wallet address is not currently displayed, try logging out and back in again. You should see your Wallet Address displayed.) Copy that wallet address to fund your account. Go to your Ethereum wallet where your ETH is being held and send $90-$100 of ETH to the wallet address you copied. You are now funded and added to the Matrix! Videos on how to fund your wallet and how to purchase ETH, coming soon! As a member of the Matrix you are eligible to collect Subscription Fees from members below you.

What if I was a previous PE, ("Project Ethereum"), member and I want to continue with Crypto Elevation?

We are glad you see the vision of what we stand for and what members can achieve with this platform! All PE members who wish to continue with Crypto Elevation need to login to their Crypto Elevation account. Click on 'Login' in the above menu. Then click on 'forgot your password' and type in the email you used with PE. You will receive an email to reset your password. If the system does not recognize your email address, simply create a new account with your email you used for PE.

What is my referral link and how do I refer others?

Your referral link is what you will send people to have them sign up under you. When someone uses your referral link they will be placed in your holding tank until funded. Once they have funded, they will move into your Matrix into the next available position, left to right, top to bottom. You can also refer a friend by clicking on the refer a friend tab on your dashboard menu. Simply enter your friends email and an email will be sent with your referral link.

What is the DGC and is it a separate cost for Crypto Elevation Matrix Members?

The DGC is our new DIGITAL GOLD CLUB! A virtual club where members can view the latest in Cryptocurrency, listen to podcasts, watch exclusive videos, get tips from experts, hear the latest news on ICO's and much more. The Digital Gold Club will become the retail product for all Members. Members can retail the DGC for fast cash and earn $20 when they sign up a subscriber (coming soon). Those who are not interested in our Matrix program can become a subscriber of the DGC for $45 per month. Also, 15% of all DGC subscriber fees will be donated to Choice Humanitarian! Access to the DGC is included for all Crypto Elevation Matrix Members, there is no extra fee. Located in your Dashboard you will see the DGC link. Currently this site is available for anyone to visit and get a sneak peak, however, soon after our initial launch this will be an exclusive site that only members and subscribers will have access to.

As a Matrix Member with Crypto Elevation, will I have help marketing this program?

Absolutely! Corporate has invested in a Marketing system that is available to all members at no extra cost to our members! This marketing system will be available by clicking on the 'Marketing' link in your dashboard. Members will be able to set up their marketing system and have full access to everything this provides....option pages, funneling system, and auto email responder! Corporate will also be taking full use of this marketing system, along with our full social media marketing campaign. This is projected to help bring in thousands of members to the matrix! Click on the 'Marketing' link on your dashboard to set up your marketing system.