What is Forced Sales

In order for a network marketing business to be "legal", a product or service "must" be sold in order for the member/distributor/owner to be qualified to be paid a commission or residual income. We have looked after this part through our ewallet reserve (explained in our "terms and conditions).

We give everyone the option to "personally" purchase a minimum of one product per month to cover their qualifications (most companies call this PV/personal volume points) or have this covered through their ewallet reserve so no money comes out-of-pocket.

The ewallet has a reserve for the cost to cover the next product purchase when the ewallet has enough income. This means 2 personal enrollees can build your reserve up to the point of payment.

An ewallet reserve "forces" sales/purchases for everyone to be qualified to generate an "ongoing" residual income for life.

NOTE: Crypto Elevation Crowd Funding is not MLM. It's a legal donation platform. There is NO forced sales