I Don't Know Anybody

You Don't Know Anybody ?

Bull! You start knowing people the second you are born! You need to use a memory jogger and develop a name's list. Everyone is a prospect! Are you saying:

That's an insult to all the people you have met to say you don't know anyone!


You don't know anybody - in the sense that you don't know anybody that will do this business!

There is a difference. Up until now, you don't know anybody that may or may not need this opportunity or could do this business since you did not know about this yourself until now. Once you are enrolled and "earn as you learn", you will find a different pattern in your thinking. People you meet and talk to, will "flash" a light bulb in your head when they mention needing money, crypto currencies, having dreams, desires, like to donate, etc; since now you have this in your portfolio of conversation. Something you never thought of 10 minutes before you joined!

As an example: A woman gets her hair dressing course and becomes a hair dresser. Every time she sees someone that needs a hair cut, they can promote the fact that they have the license to do it for them. Another example: You start a job as a car sales person. The light bulb pops up when someone's car breaks down that you have something to offer them.

Just being involved will generate leads from the past, present and future. You will eventually know allot of people pertaining to your opportunity that you can promote to them. Changing your way of thinking will change your life.