Killing The Close????

I use to sell Life Insurance (one of the most important tactics in sales is to generate leads). During my presentation, I would ask allot of "silly" questions (the Columbo approach). These questions were to determine rather this prospect knew allot of people, worked with allot of people or had a huge family. This is to figure out my path on this sale or "non-sale" presentation. See, when people feel they are being cornered or forced, they will bring out their defensive protection mode. They will stop listening and also reject everything you are saying. You can tell by body language and eye contact when this is starting to happen. If you were to force a close on this prospect, you will not get any leads since they felt cornered and bought. They would not subject their friends or family to seeing you for that reason. I use this observation always and I follow a rule of my own for this. Sale or Non-sale!

Truth: I have sat down with a family and went through a full presentation. I found these people were the superintendents of the building, they had huge families and lots of friends. He played in a band and she worked in a busy restaurant. I decided to "kill the close". I finished my presentation and closed my books. I said, I have just given you some things to think about and I believe if you wish for my services that you will call me on your own. By the way do you know anybody that I can show my presentation to. I guarantee I will never push anything on anyone ever. They have to either like it or not. I believe everyone should get a chance to decide on their own. They both were shocked that I did not sell them anything. they were not afraid to send me to their friends at all.

I had made many sales from their leads and 3 weeks later, Dan called me and said, Mike - I have never had an agent come by and NOT sell them. He said that I have gained his respect, can I please come over and set them up with a family insurance plan.

This family became my friends for life. Over 35 years now.


The truth is: if you see a "centre of influence", walk gently and they will lead you to many.


Note: You must always be with the decision maker or you will fail