This Is Your Life Insurance Plan 

A Life Insurance Policy is a contract, where if you were to die that the Policy Value will be paid to your beneficiary. How it works is, you pay a monthly premium for the value of the policy. You pay it unconditionally because you know it will be there for your families needs but you also know that you will never receive this money yourself. Yet you will continue paying the monthly premium.

A Life Insurance Policy is bought from the heart. The care and love you have for your family is produced through a technique of showing the plan with a heart-love value. This is not a fancy drink, bottle of vitamins or laundry soap that last a little longer like an MLM Business. This is an intangible product/service that you can't touch, smell or taste. But it is easy to promote because of the needs of the client and that the client understands the benefit. Some Life Policies are sold for business purposes as partnership protection and some are sold to cancel out the debt of a business or personal debt.

This is what Crypto Elevation is offering you. The chance to have wealth while your alive and a legacy of wealth for your cause and crusade when you pass. Your business is willable to your beneficiary. You are able to continuously receive and income, complete your "cause" and support your "crusade" while you are alive. The cost is extremely minimal and the results are astronomical. This is almost like a cash-for-life lottery but you are able to control the winnings and the speed of which your money will come. Your premium never goes up but your money does.