Show Them The Money And They Will Follow You!


The concept of migration within the PowerXS Group is based on building one team and one team only and to have all your community members follow you through multiple business opportunities and ventures. Everyone wins and everyone will have multiple income sources within their portfolio and with little effort.

Example: You start "one" low priced opportunity (easier to convince your friends and relatives). You will notice that you are not the only one building your business since your up-lines wish to be successful and your down-lines want to be successful as well. You grow your business to 1200 people and everyone sees money in their wallets now. You then start your next project and pass this information to your present team and tell them to join this one to give them two streams of income now. Then you repeat this over and over again. Eventually you will have 100's of streams of income and you only had one team. They just migrate with you since they trust you now. Simple and sweet!

Almost every opportunity in our "toolbox" is automated, simple, low-cost and have the forced matrix principle which utilizes the concept of "spillover" to its fullest advantage. We have pay-it-forward systems for those who have doubt and for those you wish to "gift" a future for them (a basket of fish or a fishing rod?). Your team can grow to 1,000's of followers, migrating with you, in no time! You will make a fortune and think of how many needy families we will be helping around the world utilizing our Crowdfunding Platform.

Our "opportunity toolbox" consists of business opportunities as low as "ten cents" and go up from there. If you can't find a few people to trust you enough with these prices, you need to find new friends!