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Welcome to the PowerXS Team
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This is one of the marketing, splash pages, you can have as one of your many tools for success, This page, gives you, your family and friends "ALL" the information needed to show "everyone" how your Crypto Elevation, Crowd Funding - Donation Platform works and to build your team of "members", fast and simple. This "work from home" opportunity can be ran and promoted by your mobile phone or computer with the greatest of ease (NO meetings, NO seminars, No stock piling and NO monthly qualifiers, fully automated).

If you wish to have a site link like this made up for you or your team member, please email me at I will need your referral link and your full name. This is a free service for my team. I will host your short-link website for free as well.

Donations are appreciated but not required. I will do the work and pay for the hosting for each site, myself!

Michael Courtois