My Vision 

A "cause" is a personal desire to achieve goals of dreams come true. A "crusade" is usually based on charities or foundations you would fund support for, that are already in place. But a vision is created by your own design. A "vision" is a personal desire to be the founder of your own creation to solve a need that pays back to society. Not just the funding part but also the operating, distribution and building of such an association or foundation. A person does not have to have the government approval to help people. You can set an organization up yourself and run it yourself.


Think of what your territory needs and just set it up. Pay-It-Forward. We can help you achieve the financial backing that is required for your vision and make it your crusade. This is where dreams can come true. Your very own legacy!

You dream of it and you can do it! You don't need an Organization. You don't need a Charity. You can do it yourself. Directly! You can by-pass the "middle man" and put in place your very own "crusade" from your very own "vision". When donating to an organization, foundation or charity, you must realize that running capital is required (as you need yourself). The problem is that these organizations, support huge buildings, high running costs and pay staff to operate. This means very little of the funds you donate make it to the cause! You can by-pass the "middle-man" and do this directly and you can feel comfortable that all the money you send will reach the cause you support without loss.