Additional Payment Options 

Important Funding Information

Signing up to join is "free". This will hold your spot for a small time frame, but understand, that you will not receive any donations when your position is not funded and after a short time your unfunded account will be purged out of the system.

To enroll and take a part of "any" Crypto Currency Venture, you "must" have a Crypto Currency Wallet and your Wallet must be funded with the amount requested. You need to purchase Crypto Currency through Companies that have the ability to convert your Dollars to Crypto Currency. This process can take several days to set up the verification and the transfer of the converted currency. Most Converters, only allow a low amount to be purchased at a time and over a period of time (this is to prevent money laundering). Most Crypto Currency Ventures, only allow 24 to 48 hours to finance your account or you get purged from the system and you have to start over while losing your original spot in the matrix.

NOTE: Myself or my Team Members will be doing this for free, "however", when making currency exchanges some monies go to Crypto Currency Miners, Company Conversion Fees, Canadian to American exchange rates and fees. Small change ($) will be lost during this process. To be exact, is almost impossible. Example: $115CAD to USD is converted to the amount of the exchange rate of that moment. Lets say it comes to $90USD. This also happens when converting one type of Crypto Currency for another (using shapeshift, etc). Then buying the Crypto Currency can cost a fee of, lets say $0.49USD for the Conversion Company. Etc. Etc. Etc. This will be explained in detail to you when this occurs, but again, it won't be exact. If you need a certain amount of Currency for your project, then add a little extra to cover these amenities. The extra will still be sent to you and you will overfund your account but that is better than underfunding it.

Like I said, small Change ($) will be lost in this process, do this with the knowledge that you may lose some change ($) and accept the loss. We will not be responsible for this loss. If you are doing this then you are doing this at your own risk. A trust level of partnership must be applied.

We need to communicate to determine what your intentions are but basically, if you send the money to me with your instructions on what to do, I will set your account up for you and place your financing as soon as possible. When your Funnel or Business is set up, I will email you with all of your information.

E-Transfer to my email at





For whatever reason that funding is required, be it crypto currencies, paying-it-forward to someone, etc. please use the paypal links below. Leave me a note on what you wish for me to do. Also, out of respect for the administrator/CEO of the PowerXS Group, a donation to assist in the "running capital" would be well appreciated. PowerXS Inc. has been running since 2004 and there is an "ongoing" cost of hosting the websites for my teams, designing the personal websites and loss of time from the administrator for doing all of this for free, for everyone. The administrator (Mike Courtois) only makes profits from building teams and communities through these business opportunities the same as you each do. So any "pocket change" would help me continue stronger.

* If anyone is looking to invest in the PowerXS Group, they can contact Michael Courtois