Potential Income Summary

Note: Stage upgrades are automatic and are paid only from your profits and not out-of-pocket! They do not pay up until you actually have the profits received first. Two of the payments you receive will go upline to the person qualified for that Stage. Example: Stage 6 - the automation system will pay up two payments of $1800 for you to receive 64 payments of $1800. Not a bad trade-off!

Potentially: Your donation income can be over 4 Million United States Dollars (monthly)

All you need to do to generate an income from this program is to enroll 2 members and teach them to enroll 2 members. That's It!

Note: You will be donating $90 every month out-of-pocket to stay in the matrix. To get it free - you need one recruited member under you. This will only keep you in the matrix for free each month if the member pays up monthly. If you want to make money "and" get it free - you need a minimum of 5 members below you in your matrix. This makes you monthly commitment free from out-of-pocket and places you in a position of generating your income for life and it's not that hard to do at all.