PowerXS Team Enhancements

(this is by suggestion only - to enhance the growth and speed of our team - use your own discretion)

Think Outside of The Box

Suggested Pay-It-Forward "Concept" for my PowerXS Team

The Crypto Elevation Project has solved many problems found in Crowd Funding, Funnel Systems. They have solved problems in hash confirmation, payments, funding, upgrading, future out-pricing, marketing, education, etc. It's almost impossible to fail. I have studied 100's myself. I am adding a "concept" to solve a problem that Crypto Elevation has overlooked. The duplication issue. This Funding Funnel has automatic upgrading. In many Funding Systems, if a member does not renew or upgrade, the System fails.  With the automation in place this can never fail. The perfect scenario is that every member enrolls two. By doing this, the Funnel will be complete in no time. I'm sure you have found that hard since most people are lazy and expect you to do it for them. My "concept suggestion" is based on the power of Pay-It-Forward, to guarantee the fast growth out the Crypto Elevation Crowd Funding Funnel.

The Matrix System for Crypto Elevation (because of the automation) places a member on the 2nd position, the moment your first line is complete. That means you need 2 enrolled below you. When your 2nd line is complete, you are now receiving donations beyond your reserve. Study the donation plan and see what I mean!

How It Works: Each Member will be required to invest a donation of $180USD, instead of $90USD. It will be promoted like this - you are going to Pay-It-Forward for two people (friends or family member) and they must do the same. As an example - your enrollment was paid from the Pay-It-Forward System so it was free but you are not going to get your Funnel rolling unless you have your 1st line filled. So paying for 2 new members will fill your 1st line (the automated system takes over). The first level donations go to you and are set into your reserve. If you can visualize this, you can see how easy it would be to build your Funnel without hardly promoting or recruiting and will guarantee a complete growth in the system.

NOTE: This is not part of the Crypto Elevation Funnel System. This is only a suggestion for my PowerXS Team to enhance the speed and security of success. You do not have to do this if you do not want to.

More to come