The Purchasing Power of Crypto

People are not understanding the concept of the "purchasing power" of crypto currencies. To explain this you might vision other "forms of payments" and "investment vehicles".

To start - mutual funds are diversified investments in one contract, meaning there could be 50 plus commodities in one plan. They use a "dollar averaging" system to have their funds increase in value and balance stability. Your fund volume depends on the growth of the plan and is worth whatever the amount is when you convert it back to cash. Until you cash it out, there is no purchasing power. Buying savings bonds are another form investment, with very little growth but guaranteed and locked. Segregated funds are the same as mutual finds with a lower growth, but still the same.

Consolidate a few crypto currency coins and you have the same as mutual funds, segregated funds or bonds except you "can" buy product and services "without" converting to cash. I've had a guy tell me that crypto currencies are not versatile. Bull! They are more versatile than any form of payment available. They are sent and received almost instantly, world-wide and the value is the same everywhere. Your "purchasing power" increases since the value of the coins increase on supply and demand

In reality - It doesn't matter how many different coins are out there or which coins you own. It's the purchasing power of what you have in your portfolio that is the key. All coins can be converted to cash (fiat money) or converted to different coin formats when needed.