the Secret Agent 


This is basically a "slam" to those who enter into our program and do not tell anyone by keeping it a secret. The success with the PowerXS Group is to "share the information" (open the doors). Sharing the information is to let people know you have something to show them and actually show them by passing your "promo links" to them. We are giving you many opportunities to generate an income and to help you have the option to pay-it-forward to others. If you keep it a secret you will then fail.

Why did you join? You joined to add an extra income to your portfolio. Some people say they want the product or service but in reality they joined to make money. It's as simple as that. Almost all the product and service companies on the internet are marked-up HUGE compared to stores that are at your convenience. We have many opportunities that don't have this problem. We are not against high-end cost business, we have some in our portfolio. We try to have something for everybody. so if you are afraid to share the information because your people will get stuck stockpiling product, then take a second look at our company. we d NOT want to have this happen.

Scenario of a Secret Agent: Buy a MacDonalds franchise and NEVER unlock the front door or like opening a Hair Salon in your house and never putting a sign out front. Keep it a secret and see how far you get!

Successful people do what UN-successful people don't do. Just tell someone!