Possible Tax Breaks

Crowd Funding

When it comes to "Cash" Crowd Funding, there is an entity of tax issues, since cash is "centralized" (the government knows and it is transferred through financial institutions. But when it comes to "Crypto Currency" there is NOT, since crypto currency is "decentralized" (we move this ourselves without the use of financial institutions or government involvement). Crypto Currency is basically "anonymous" money and it's nobodies business that you own it or spend it.

Crowd Funding is a Donation (pay-it-forward) platform, designed to balance the financial needs of families or the financial needs of a "cause" (heart foundations, cancer, poverty countries, churches, charities, etc). "Donation" is the key word. There is no product or service involved but it is legal, since it is a "donation". Any person entering into a Crowd Funding Platform must agree to the "terms and conditions" of the platform and do this of their own free will. No-one is forced!