Team Play 

The "Team Play" is a "package concept", where if a group of people wish to put together their own crusade/organization of profit donations, they can do so as a team. They will all share in the cost of the program and all donate a portion of their profit to the organization of their "group" choice. A coordinator/chairperson is needed and a group of people delegated for close team discussions and approval of the position/spot.

The "Team Play" feature can be used by having 1 spot - 1 person, 1 spot - many persons, many spots - 1 team, etc. Each "goal" as in delegation of funds, can be changed whenever the team feels they have completed their mission and can go on to the next. Vision how many organizations your team can help with very little cost or effort. The leading position is the spot that pays the funds to the organization and everyone in the team hierarchy can either add to the donation for the cause, keep the funds for their own use or add their own crusade within the team. The main "spot" is the key for the "Team Play" feature. Not the hierarchy.

As an example:

Anybody can use this magical platform to build their dreams, build a vision or complete their goals in anything they wish to promote. This is the "power" behind Crypto Elevation.