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Crypto Elevation Terms & Conditions ("Terms")

Last updated: (10/25/2017)

Please read these Terms and Conditions ("Terms", "Terms and Conditions") carefully before using the http://www.cryptoelevation.com link or any affiliate site to sign up for Digital Gold Club or our Crowd Funding and Network Marketing Platform.

By accessing or using the service, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms, then you may not access the Service.


By sending in a subscription payment of $90.00 in ETH (funding your account), you are entering into an agreement to subscribe to Digital Gold Club, including itsí Social Media Hub and exclusive content for DGC members regarding Crypto currencies. You will also be placed on our Crowd Funding and MLM Platform where you may receive subscription payments from other members.

You are agreeing to have our system "automatically" upgrade you by sending a portion of your direct subscription payments to other subscribers within our crowd funding matrix and MLM. Here is an example:

  1. After receiving your 2 Stage 1 subscription fees in the crypto currency ETH, you agree to allow our system to forward both subscription fees to the subscriber 2 stages above you (monthly)
  2. After receiving your first 3 Stage 2 subscription fees, you agree to allow our system to forward the 2nd and 3rd subscription fee to the subscriber 3 stages above you
  3. After receiving your first 3 Stage 3 subscription fees, you agree to allow our system to forward 2.5 of those subscription fees to the subscriber 4 stages above you (monthly)
  4. After receiving your first 2 Stage 4 subscription fees, you agree to allow our system to forward them to the subscriber 5 stages above you (monthly)
  5. After receiving your first 2 Stage 5 subscription fees, you agree to allow our system to forward them to the subscriber 6 stages above you (monthly)
  6. After receiving your first 2 Stage 6 subscription fees, you agree to allow our system to forward them to the subscriber 7 stages above you (monthly)
  7. After receiving your first 2 Stage 7 subscription fees, you agree to allow our system to forward them to the subscriber 8 stages above you. Your subscription fees that will be auto-upgrading you through the system will be kept in your Crypto Elevation Vault Wallet. This Vault wallet will hold your ETH for the auto-upgrades. All other subscription fees that come in will be deposited into your Keep wallet for you to withdraw at any time. If you wish to opt out at any time you will click on the opt out tab and enter in your information to opt out. Your Vault wallet funds will then be deposited into your keep wallet for you to withdraw. Any remaining vault wallet funds that were not used for your auto-upgrade, will be transferred into your keep wallet at the end of your 30 day cycle.

You also agree to allow our system to "auto" renew your subscription to Digital Gold Club every month, prior to opting out at any time. Stage 1 - ($90.00 in ETH) unless you manually "opt out." You will have the option to opt out of the crowd funding and MLM platform at any time.

If you do NOT have the funds available in your Ethereum Keep wallet when it is time to upgrade, you may miss out on potential subscription fees and lose your position in the Matrix, returning to the holding tank of your sponsor. Once you add the proper funds and upgrade or allow our system to auto upgrade you will be placed back in the Matrix, next available position top to bottom, left to right.

You are not bound to signing up for a specific term. This is a month to month program where as a subscriber, you can opt out at any time. All of the subscription fees you receive are direct crowd funding associated subscription and referral fees.

You also may receive vouchers for Humanitarian Expeditions as a member of our crowd funding platform.


As a subscriber to Digital Gold Club, you have a two options, you can either:

  1. Pay only $45.00/month, becoming a member to Digital Gold Club and gain access to our Social Hub, exclusive crypto currency content, and intellectual property.
  2. You can pay $90.00/month, receive all of the benefits from option A, but also be added to our member matrix, which is the crowd funding and MLM aspect of our platform. You can also retail option A and you will receive $20.00 in commission per retail sell, 15% will be directly donated to Choice Humanitarian, and the balance will be paid to Digital Gold Club. This means you will always have the option to retail the product as well, giving you the opportunity to earn commissions without just having to recruit.

Commission payments will be received in Crypto currencies and you will be responsible for paying your own taxes as you convert your Cryptocurrency into FIAT. We are not accountants, so please consult with a crypto currency accountant for more details.


There will be a nominal fee of .75% ETHER when an auto upgrade takes place. This fee is subject to change as the price of ETHER fluctuates. This fee will not be added to your upgrade amount. The fee will be subtracted from the upgrade amount.

Example: If you send $90.00 to another subscriber, all but .75% will be sent to the subscriber, while the additional .75% will go to Crypto Elevation for processing fees.

All Subscription fees are in the form of the crypto currency ETH. Our Compensation plan breakdown shows an example of what that can look like in US dollars if you were to convert your ETH to US dollars. Actual subscription fees are made and received in ETH and are subject to change depending upon the value of ETH. The ETH amount is $90 US to begin and at that time will be time stamped at the value of ETH and then moved up through the matrix as that ETH amount


If any of our members decide to create marketing material, including all text, content, and video; we ask that all subscribers send their material's to support@cryptoelevation.com attn.: compliance for review and approval.

All Crypto Elevation members are able to use any and all corporate released materials to promote and build their organizations. Our crowd funding and MLM participants will be able to add their referral link and information as well.

All Crypto Elevation Subscribers will also receive fully loaded marketing and funnel systems to use at their discretion.

We work very hard to protect our brand and subscribers, so we ask all subscribers to follow this compliance request.

As a Crowd Funding and MLM Platform Terms such as, "Investment," "Break Even," "Donations,": are not permitted by Crypto Elevation. We do not sell securities or trading. We retail a product as an MLM platform, and raise money for charity through our crowd funding matrix. 15% of the revenue generated from our top corporate position will be donated to Choice Humanitarian monthly. We will also have an on going tracker of our direct donations to Choice on our main home page.

All members receive a direct benefit and value upon subscribing. Digital Gold Club allows members full access upon subscribing, and monthly access to the DGC exclusive website will be granted upon renewals. Members will also have full access to all exclusive crypto currency content, and receive an opportunity to retail our product for monthly commissions.

Crypto Elevation has a true and complete cause and product, and the crowd funding and MLM platform acts as an additional benefit for all subscribers who adhere to our terms and conditions.

Our wallet and reserves

All subscribers will initially sign up and fund using Crypto Elevation's wallet system. All members own their own wallet, set up through our Parity network. Subscribers can transfer their surplus ethereum to any other wallet or exchange at their discretion.

The amount needed to upgrade to the additional stages will be held in the Vault wallet and not available for any subscriber to spend as it will be used to auto-upgrade the subscriber.

Upon opting out of our program, a subscriber will have access to any unused reserve and this amount will be deposited to the keep wallet for withdraw.

The Non Guarantee Disclaimer. Not a guarantee.

Results will vary from subscriber to subscriber.

Crypto Elevation is not a gifting program. All of our members can earn income by retailing our product and/or recruiting new members. We offer both opportunities to give our members the option and to also stay in compliance with Crowd Funding and MLM regulations.


We do not offer refunds for our product or platform. As a subscriber only, you will receive 30 days of full access to the Digital Gold Club and exclusive content. This is intellectual property that cannot just simply be returned for a refund.

As a member on our matrix, your subscription fees are being paid to members in your up line on a crowd funding basis, and therefore cannot be returned. Also as a member, you are starting your own crowd funding and MLM business. This is not a guaranteed program. Results will vary depending on what you do with your business opportunity.

Marketing and Questions:

Corporate offers marketing and a full Q&A for all of our subscribers. There tends to be many teams and individuals who market opportunities such as ours. It is your responsibility as a potential subscriber to visit the corporate marketing or Q&A for our official Corporate approved information. We are not responsible for what other subscribers may market. Please do your due diligence and look to corporate for the official terms and marketing.

We will search the internet and other sources for subscribers not in compliance with our marketing and ask that they change their messaging to reflect the correct information or we will remove them from our platform.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.