The Hype 

How many times have you been asked to come to opportunity meetings or seminars and all you get is the "Hype" to get people motivated. Talk about a waste of time and effort! If someone needs or has to have the Rah! Rah! Hype to do their job, then we don't want them in our team. First of all. we do not need meetings or seminars. Secondly we do not need Hype! or Rah! Rah! If a person needs this and then their mentors disappear or they miss the next meeting, they will stop working. If they have to be "pat on the back" or "praised" all the time, you don't have a winner. You have a whiner! You can spend 100's of hours pumping these people up and just lose valuable time that you could have used to find people that have intelligence. This is not freedom, is it!

Our business is promoted through our phones or computers, It's that simple! Our business is based on simple math and logic. It just makes sense. There are no hidden calculations or smoke and mirrors. Just common logic. If your business is simple to understand, logical and makes common sense, then you do not need any Hype to do your job or to even stay focused on promoting it. It is what it is!