The Next Step

1- Spark The Interest

You will need to "spark the interest" to people in your "names list" (talk to your sponsor and go through your names list). You need to find 2 people to support you (using trust and respect) and follow you in your venture. This will be the beginning of your future. Believe in that! Do not rely on spillover from your upline. that's not fair.

2- Show The Plan

Go to your Marketing System and fill out your profile. Send everyone your marketing link "main splash page". Place your link on your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc. Send emails, text messages, etc. This is how we show the plan. Crypto Elevation is different from other MLM Businesses. There are NO meetings. There are NO seminars. That's freedom. Every bit of information to market the Business is on your Marketing Splash Page. The video's and paragraphs, explain everything about the opportunity. If someone asks what is it about? You say, watch the video's. If they ask, how does it work? You say, watch the videos. It's that simple!

3- Teach Your Two

Once you have your two enrolled, teach and help them find their two. Help them run through their names list and give them ideas on where to send their links.

4- Do It All Again

Add more than two. Since this is a Forced Matrix, it will only speed up your success and help your other team members below you.