The "NO"

All our lives we are told No, No, No! This is now programmed in all our minds as a bad thing. I find, because of that, it is now a good thing. Since everyone is programmed to acknowledge this word the way we were raised, it gives us understanding of peoples thoughts when it comes to marketing. What is a "No"? It is a word that holds us back. A word that controls us. A word that prevents us form moving forward. As an example: If I don't understand the prospective subject - I will say NO. If I have heard from others of these businesses - I will say No. If I had doubt - I will say No. If I don't understand the business opportunity - I will say No. If I am afraid to try an opportunity - I will say No, Etc. Because I know why I say No, I can realize that there may be another hidden reason for the objection. This give me purpose to find where the No is coming from. I am not afraid of No's because I know this has been programmed into our thoughts all our lives. My goal now, is to determine, Why!

Always expect a No! God made us different from animals in one way - he gave us the gift of "choice". We all have the right to choose rather we go left or right. To say No or Yes! It's our given right to say No and we use it, allot. Fear of the "unknown" controls this. So don't feel they are against you. They just don't know what you know. This also creates the defense mechanism in our minds since we have all been programmed to say No. So expect rejections, they are a form of defense and also a window of opportunity for you to show them the difference. Rejections are actually "questions". They are looking for a fight/argument to see where this goes. Will you "cow" down or stay firm and continue to change their way of thinking?

The No's are great to get for many reasons. It's a marketing fear but also a marketing plus. No's help us determine truth of the "why". Also No's help us with our "practice", This can be fun to toy with them and learn more for the next No. Also, the worse odds for marketing is - out of every 10 people that you talk to - one will listen and every 10 people that listen - one will buy. So out of 100 No's - you can have 10 buyers. This gives you the mindset you will need to go forward and not let rejection destroy you. I'm looking for 1000 No's a month. That will give me success, easy.

I Heard It Was a Scam or I Heard About Your Scam!

I worked for Ontario Hydro 40 years ago. There was an engineer that was hired to come to our site. He was due to come in 2 months. An employee there knew this guy. He started rumors all over the Planning and Control Department that this guy was bad news, a jerk and a terrible person. By the time this man came to work to start at our site, everyone hated him. They listened to the story teller and developed an impression of him that lasted for 2 years. I worked with this engineer as I did for many before. This man was probably the most accurate engineer on the planet. His calculations were dead on and he was very easy to work with and I had never had any reason to question his work. As a person, he was kind and tried very hard to fit in. He was always pleasant. It took 2 years to reverse the damage that the story teller had placed on him. But 2 years to feel welcome was a shame.

The moral of this true story is: You must find your own judgments on people or opportunities and not let anyone else destroy your chance just by "hear say". You will miss the truth if you only listen to others. Test the waters and give people and opportunities a chance.