What Is A SCAM

What's a scam? It's a thought, a plan, an idea in someone's mind.....it doesn't become real until someone brings it's true purpose to it's full fruition... It's given a label called a scam, when in reality, it's someone's vision or dream to achieve financial success and those who tear down someone else's dream, have no dreams or visions of their own....work with those who dream big things and you will achieve your own.

Author: Carolyn Small

You have all heard the terms; network marketing schemes, multi-level marketing schemes, pyramid schemes, hierarchy schemes, etc. The word "scheme" is commonly related to "scam" which is not true. A scheme is actually a design and a scam is illegal. People do not say "this is a scheme scam or scam scheme", that sounds stupid. People usually prejudge and see the bad in things before they find the good.

If it looks like a Duck and walks like a Duck - Is it a Duck ?????? Networking - Corporations - Factories - Churches - Banks - Schools - Police - Donation Stores - Any Businesses, "all" have the same characteristics and similarities but they are "not" the same but they are "all" shown as PYRAMIDS.

How else can you show them ?????

Illegal Scams / Schemes

If money is transferred to others directly from the sender and the sender is promised a return or participation of ownership (real-estate, ships, companies) that doesn't exist, the sender never receives this "said" return or ownership. This is an illegal scam (Ponzi Scheme/Scam, Etc.). People are being told that they will receive an escalated amount of return or investment, where the Scammer has no intentions of doing this. There is always someone that loses, which all of our governments monitor and enforce to protect us from these.

It has been said that if there is no product or service, then this is illegal. This is not the truth! As an example: church donations, charity donations, crowd funding donation funnels, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.

Legal Schemes (designs)

Legal network marketing, multi-level marketing, pyramids, pyramid schemes, etc. have a solid base of the purchase of "products, services or donation properties" and are monitored by our governments to protect us from foul play and loss. Product, services or donations "must" be purchased to "qualify" and make it legal for these companies to pay the hierarchy that is in each business. The only difference between traditional business and network marketing business is the "bricks and mortar". Other legal businesses are based on buying company or product shares, such as, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, crypto currency, limited partnerships, etc. Out of all my research, I have found millions of pages that try to discredit these industries, but in all, I found there is NO law against them, to this day. There are millions of these businesses and they have been around for centuries.

NOTE: No-one forces an individual to join a business. The business is introduced to the individual and the individual "chooses" rather or not to join on their own "free will". God gave us "free will".

The sorry part is, that the illegal scams have placed a bad name on pyramids/multi-level marketing because people don't understand the difference. Our schools, governments, police, fire departments, hospitals, everything on the planet is a pyramid structure.

People are People

Everything on the planet can be called a scam by anybody that sees it as that and they will voice it out like no tomorrow because people want to deal with bad, evil and not believe the truth. They would rather believe the bad stuff way before anything that is good. This is why we have "so" many crime series on our televisions. Why news papers sell, etc. People eat it up. They watch and read this stuff over and over again, then they believe the entire world is evil and full of crime. So when someone says the word "scam" their ears perk up.

What "IS" a scam? Anything where money is transferred to others directly and the sender is promised a return. The sender never receives this "said" return. This is an illegal scam (Ponzi Scheme/Scam, Airplane Scam, Etc.). People are being told that they will receive an escalated amount of return where the Scammer has no intentions of doing this.

What is "NOT" a scam? --- Anything else!

Example 1: Traditional business like Walmart, Tim Hortons, MacDonalds, Subway, Disney Land, Buses, etc.

Example 2: "All" network marketing/multilevel marketing/pyramids that require the qualification levels of purchases of either a product, service or donation, in order to be paid.

It's that simple !

Network marketing is the same as traditional business except for the bricks and mortar! Simple, easy and affordable to almost everyone. And, yes! I refer "network marketing" as the "all evil" word, pyramid. Every organization, business, school, church, government, police, hospital, etc. uses the "hierarchy" system which "IS" a pyramid structure.

Now! Back to the Question of What is a Scam?

A person will call a network/pyramid business a scam when:

1. They didn't make money in the first 3 to 6 months: If you do not learn, self train or even invite people to see what you have to offer, you will find the business will take allot longer to find the beginning of your "delayed gratification". You need a base of recruits/team to build the momentum of your hierarchy.

2. They didn't think of it first: Some people have that arrogance that if they didn't think of it first then the will discredit it. They will say it's crap or a scam (jealousy issues)

3. Someone, broke, told them it was: Would you take financial advice from the guy panhandling in the supermarket parking lot? There's a meaning to the phrase - if you are going to talk the talk, then walk the walk. Other than that, shut up!

4. There is not a big building or main office: This is the key to "freedom" duh! Why would you want to have to go to an office or building to work, when you can do it from home or a coffee shop. No more having to "man" the store.

5. They have to do something: The secret of networking is to network. Big secret, eh! You need to show people what you are doing. If they like it, fine. If they don't, then find people that like it.

6. They have to learn something: You will have to learn what you are suppose to do and study the people that have the success already.

7. No one is holding their hand: Everyone believes that when they enroll in a business opportunity, that it is up to the enroller to build their business for them. Nooooo ! get off your ass.

8. Our governments and schools have taught them, "their" way: Governments do not make much money from network marketers since we claim so much off our taxes and our school curriculum is controlled and dictated by our governments. We are taught - get an education, get a good job, work for 45 years and retirement income will be there. It does not work. Bull-shit baffles brains! (see "responsibility curve" and "income quadrants")

Etc. Etc. Etc.: I can go on and on but basically. If you do nothing? You're definitely going to see much longer time for results and feel you have been scammed. You will "never" blame yourself ! Will you?

NOTE: No-one forces an individual to join a business. The business is introduced to the individual and the individual "chooses" rather or not to join on their own "free will". God gave us "free will".