Why Own A Business ?

I ask this question to many people in the network marketing field because there seems to be a conflict in their minds of what they are concentrating on. I have been doing network marketing for 30 years or so and tested many of these and failed at most because I had the same thinking as them. I have now smartened up and reversed my priorities and my approach to others.

Question: Why do you want to own a business?

Answer: To make money!

What has happened to me and happens to everyone, is they get lost on the priority of "why". In order for a network marketing business to be "legal", a product or service "must" be sold in order for the member/distributor/owner to be legally qualified to be paid a commission or residual income. Also, If no one sells any product or service, no one will make any commission or residual income. The drive in all network business is sales (understandable) but that is where the "this is a scam" comes from. Most people do not understand "delayed gratification" and when they do "not" make money immediately they quit and call the business a scam. If you change your way of thinking, you will find the key to network marketing.

People try to sell the business by promoting the product or service. If the architecture of the business structure is not designed properly, the product or service is useless. Again, it's only the part that makes it legal. Concentrating on product and service just makes the business complicated. The concentration should be as such: This is the cost and this is how you get paid (Keeping It Simple). They can learn as they earn, meaning, the business systems are designed with product and service training. Just enroll and figure it out as you go. This is a business where building your team with speed and depth will make you and everyone else wealthy. The sales just seem to happen anyway. If everyone just qualifies then everyone will make money.

Question: Doe's it "really" matter what the product or service is?

Answer: No! That's only the part that makes the business legal.

I have friends that own businesses selling products and services they don't even like. They do it to make money (market trends). Again, That's the part that makes the business legal. A man in the ladies product business. People who own pizza stores and can't eat pork (pepperoni, bacon, sausage, etc.). I now sell the marketing systems and tell them to learn as they earn. and I also tell them to promote the business the same way. That shows people  that the business is "simple" and not complicated. Get enrolled and hold your spot in the matrix. If you insist on pushing the product or service on them, then you will be teaching them to think it's complicated and they will pass that concept on to everyone they talk to, making them have to think about it (therefore; multiple visits and no one will join). It's not complicated. Just do it! Your team will grow slow and no one will make money for a long time. The speed and size of your team is priority. The sales will just happen in time (delayed gratification).

Question: Is this one of those things where you recruit a bunch of people and make money off them?

Answer: Yes it is! How else can I build a business large enough to provide total freedom for retirement? I need help!

Recruiting is the same as building a huge "everything store". You must build your staff before you can operate productively and properly. You would be stupid to think you can make retirement money in a business with just you! Is this a pyramid? Yes! Thank god it is, because I can't do this all by myself. Recruiting is "not" forcing people to join. It's just showing people the opportunity and letting them decide for themselves. If they insist on allot of information on a 'simple' business opportunity, then they don't understand that they need to join to get their information and training. Network marketing as compared to traditional business is extremely easier, faster and greatly more affordable. These people will "drain" you and your time. Move forward (You can't fix stupid people).

Why invest in yourself to buy a business is to make money. The product or service helps (makes it a legal business) but it is not why we do it. The main goal is to earn a retirement income or income supplement. You do not "have" to like or understand the product or service because others will. Common sense make this logical.

Just do it !    Build fast and deep.   Earn as you learn !