Why Crypto Elevation ?

Ethereum Crowd Funding "NEW" - Launched on Nov01/17 - You are at the top!

Crypto Elevation: A forced 2x8 matrix, Start with $90(USD cash value) for a potential of $4,800,000(USD cash value), Your Ethereum Coin in your wallet will increase in value, as well, so you will receive instant raises in your Ethereum Wallet.

On Nov16, the price of Bitcoin was $600(CAD). Now it is at $3500(CAD). It went up approx 5.8 times in value. Bitcoin Crowd Funding Businesses exploded which made Bitcoin more powerful. On Nov16, Ethereum Coin was $6(CAD) and is now $460(CAD). It went up approx 76.6 times in value. I feel it Ethereum Coin will surpass Bitcoin. This is one of the FIRST Ethereum Crowd Funding, Donation Funnel, Businesses. Jump on it! We are in an evolution of World Money Change.

If it looks like a Duck and walks like a Duck - Is it a Duck ?????? Networking - Corporations - Factories - Churches - Banks - Schools - Police - Donation Stores - Any Businesses, "all" have the same characteristics and similarities but they are "not" the same but they are "all" shown as PYRAMIDS.

How else can you show them ?????

Crypto Elevation has solved almost every issue that has been a problem in all the other Crowd Funding, Donation Funnel Businesses. The Company has provided a system that not only will grow fast but has a built in protection based on the failure of other systems. The only option missing is a Pay-It-Forward System which I'm suggesting in my PowerXS Team link.

1) The problem of the matrix out pricing itself. The system is designed for donations of the value of the dollar and not the value of the crypto currency. As an example: A Crowd Funding Business using Crypto Currency "point value" can make future purchases extremely high and deter future recruits this will make the team fail after time. It out-prices itself. The team must continue or fall in time. If the value of the Coin is $30,000 and the required enrollment is 0.1 then this means it will cost $3000 to start. This becomes very expensive to join and very hard to find their 2 recruits to join. The downline will just stop, then people above will not get paid and they will stop, etc. With Cash Value, the purchase to start will never change and the team will continue to grow forever.

Cash Value:
The dollar value of how much Crypto Currency is purchased for that level ($90 = $90)
Crypto Currency Value:
The dollar value of the "point" volume of Crypto Currency of that moment (0.1 = ?????)

2) The problem of member not renewing or upgrading causing a breakdown in the funding and freezing the flow forever. Project Ethereum is fully automated which means that there is a reserve placed in the system to ensure that each donation is stored to donate upwards each cycle. This reserve is permanent and can not be taken out unless you are deleting your account and losing your spot. This makes sure that all members pay-up and the matrix will continue to survive without the member "physically" having to renew or upgrade. It's automatic.

3) The problem of crypto currency donations having to be processed through "hashes" and other issues can discourage a person quit just in frustration. The Crypto Elevation Team has made a back-office wallet that is used for funding. This allows you to donate and upgrade without third party hashes and increases the speed of this operation with the greatest of accuracy.

4) The problem of duplication where a member will not help enroll. This causes the matrix to have empty spots and not all the donations roll up to complete the cycle. Crypto Elevation has set a "forced matrix system" which forces a spillover process (see spillover link) to fill in the spots that are not complete (left to right).

5) The lack of knowledge or training can keep a member form doing anything. Not because they are lazy but because they are not educated in the field of crypto currency or marketing techniques. The Crypto Elevation product is our Digital Gold, the Ethereum Coin itself and our back-office training (also personal training within the PowerXS Team system link). These areas train members on everything there is to know about crypto currency so they can train or recruit others and these areas also train them on how to market their opportunity to others.

6) The feeling that you are alone can make you feel insecure enough to just walk away from the business an having you say its a scam. Crypto Elevation has set-up a huge communication system for each member to communicate with their team members and their up-line. This is set for members to learn from each other personally, and to let them know that they are not alone. This is a team/family system and we are all in this together.


to be continued:

It Truly doesn't matter which coin you are working with. We have the magic of shapeshift to convert between each coin. So if you require a certain coin to make a purchase, then you use shapeshift to convert it and then buy your product. It's that simple.

Facts: Bitcoin was the first aggressive coin on the market. They have paved the way for other coins to exist. There has been an enormous amount of advertisement for Bitcoin in either positive or negative. This has made it a well known name. Do not be fooled by this. Your eyes can be deceived. When you see the values of Bitcoin, it looks like it's the best out there. No! It's the most popular. As an example below, there are 3 pictures. Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum coin. The pictures are based on a full year. You will notice that Bitcoin looks better BUT you must look to the right where it shows you that the annual increase is much better with Ethereum Coin. Ethereum is rocking the world but in silence behind the scenes.

Now which one would you invest in???????

BITCOIN IN LAST 12 MONTHS (notice percentage increase on right side)

LITECOIN IN LAST 12 MONTHS (notice percentage increase on right side)

ETHEREUM COIN IN LAST 12 MONTHS (notice percentage increase on right side)

This is why we are using Ethereum