Ask The Questions 

The Strategy of Questions

When presenting an opportunity, you need the full attention of the prospect listening. In order for them to fully understand your presentation, you must keep a steady flow from point "A" to point "B". This is hard to do since you will get rejections constantly.

To prevent this from happening, you need to know what makes this person tick. I have used, what I call the "Columbo" approach. I know exactly where I'm going with my presentation, leading to my "assume the close". I will ask questions and listen deeply to their answers. People love to object. It's like a good arm-wrestle, so the questions I ask are based on them talking and opening up. They will give and/or volunteer information you need to follow through with a close. If they think they are smarter than you, they will not feel threatened and you can line up your presentation accordingly. As long as you are asking the questions, they wont need to so you can take control of the presentation without them even realizing it.



Possible Information Received:

You Can Now Approach Them On These Facts:

You can offer them a plan "B" work from home business opportunity, giving them extra money and time to enjoy it. Eventually, leaving their present job and operate a less physical career. The business is international, so they can travel anywhere doing this. They can support charities and foundations and not effect their own finances. They can retire their family, their parents and help all of their friends. They can generate allot of "buying power" anonymously using crypto and not have to worry about government or third-party involvement.


The Key to Promoting our Business is Based on Three Areas of Knowledge:

Your success is greatened if the have at least two of these areas covered already. You have less to teach them and less to convince them.


For Real Questions Asked of You

You can find the "questions and answers" link and follow through to see if your question's are answered there or contact me - Michael Courtois at or phone me at 519-591-2541. Leave a message if I don't answer.