Assume The Close 

This business is "FREE" to join and study the back office so they can see how this works. They will make "NO" money in the holding tank but you can get them financed later.


When presenting the business opportunity, you show them everything to allow them to see how the business works and operates. You know yourself that they can't go wrong here but they are still on the fence. People are always afraid to say "yes". They can sit on that answer for weeks and weeks if you allow it,, OR just assume a close! Most people "do" understand but will sit and teeter-totter on a fence until they are slightly pushed. This stops them from thinking and procrastinating. They needed reassurance that this is for them but are 90% there. Just start enrolling them. Assume the close! Once you start enrolling them they will be content. If they are truly against the enrollment, they will sure let you know, fast. This is not forcing them and this is not rail-roading. This is "asking" in a different form. If you do not ask, you will never get a yes or a no!

If you do not "assume the close", you just turned your presentation into garbage and made it a "two-step interview" (if you ever get the chance to present again). You now put "you" or "someone else" in the position of having to "refresh" ALL the information to this prospect again. All of it! Since everything will not be fresh in their minds and they will not be thinking from the heart the second time. So don't be "stupid", assume the close right out of the gate or go home!