Crowd Funding

When it comes to "Cash" Crowd Funding, there is an entity of tax issues, since cash is "centralized" (the government knows and it is transferred through financial institutions. But when it comes to "Crypto Currency" there is NOT, since crypto currency is "decentralized" (we move this ourselves without the use of financial institutions or government involvement). Crypto Currency is basically "anonymous" money and it's nobodies business that you own it or spend it.

Crowd Funding is a Donation (pay-it-forward) platform, designed to balance the financial needs of families or the financial needs of a "cause" (heart foundations, cancer, poverty countries, churches, charities, etc). "Donation" is the key word. There is no product or service involved but it is legal, since it is a "donation". Any person entering into a Crowd Funding Platform must agree to the "terms and conditions" of the platform and do this of their own free will. No-one is forced!

Note: President Obama had signed a bill of rights to state that "crowd funding" is legal business. He did this to stop all the jargon on the internet and in his office. To give the public "equal rights" for supporting their very own cause's, crusade's and vision's.

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Crowd Funding is generally called a Business and shown as a pyramid. If it looks like a Duck and walks like a Duck - Is it a Duck ?????? Networking - Corporations - Factories - Churches - Banks - Schools - Police - Donation Stores - Any Businesses, "all" have the same characteristics and similarities but they are "NOT" the same but they are "ALL" shown as PYRAMIDS.

How else can you show them ?????

Pyramids are in Egypt! These organizations are shown as organization charts (line of direction) which look like they span out. They can be shown in any way but to understand the direction of monies, they are shown in organization format (scheme) to see who gets paid what denomination.

Scheme: A plan, a layout, direction, line of direction

Schematic: A drawing of a plan, layout, direction

Pyramid: A 3D triangle. Not a 2D triangle!

Ponzi: A guy who scammed people out of money for "imaginary" product

Scam: A person can scam people, not a company. Companies are monitored by the guidelines of our governments but our governments can't help until the scammers are caught.

The truth is: They are not actually a Business. The proper name for them are Crowd Funding Donation Funnels. The Matrix is actually a Donation Funnel. Basically a Pay-It-Forward System for the poor. They are designed to finance Members "causes" such as; charity, churches, famine, schools, homes, supplement income, retirement, sickness, cancer foundations, etc. Because they are donations, they are anonymous funds. The system matrix should be shown in a straight line as one member passing help to another or a circle, like a pie shape (8 pie slices) but it's easier to show in a pyramid style to ensure the understanding of the funneling process and the flow of funding.

The concept of Crowd Funding is to give people a leg-up or finance a service to help others. They are meant for the people that do not have much and have serious needs that they can't finance themselves. I've had this phrase thrown at me before; This is a Pyramid! My answer to that is; Thank God it is! Because I can't do it myself!

Poor people are poor because they are prone to "give" and keep "giving". Crowd funding helps them to give more and also receive in the process. Can you imagine how many people can be helped through life, if the people that are "givers" have the additional finances to move forward.

I have worked at donation booths for the "Canadian National Institution for the Blind" and recently worked for "The Children's Foundation of Canada". People "do" have hearts and this is where Crowd Funding has its place in society. Crowd Funding is to be promoted, not sold. No one forces anyone to join or pay up. They do it on their own "free will". God gave us "free will" which gives us the freedom of choice