Donation Receipts

Most of our opportunities are using Crypto Currencies as a "form of payment". There is an advantage for using coins since most of them are anonymous and have value (purchasing power). Why should you get a receipt if the funds you are receiving are tax free from an anonymous donor? If someone wishes for a tax receipt, then they are opening a "can of worms". Fiat money is regulated and most of crypto currency is not, unless you want it to be, but be aware you will cause grief to others if you request one and the second party doesn't want it known. In this business the funds you will be donating compared to the funds you will receive are astronomical if difference. Why rock the boat? See "tax breaks link". This area has a greater value for the people who wish to have a crowd funding business since they are designed to balance the financial needs between the poor and the rich.

You can, however, request a tax receipt but I don't know how that would go with the party in question. The way to do this is by converting your crypto currency into fiat money. Once your funds are in fiat money then your funds are regulated, then there is no issue. I, myself, like the idea of privacy when it comes to what I have.