Define Your Cause

This can give you some thoughts on what you may like to do with the enormous amount of funds you will receive from the 510 members in your donation community. You need to have a "why" or I call it a "cause" for building this in the first place. This is not a selfish business. This is a business for paying-it-forward and making the world a better place. Without a cause you have no purpose!

The "Why":

The "Cause" Is Your "Why':

Define Your Crusade

Let us not forget that Crypto Elevation's "crusade" is a campaign to promote the support in the efforts of Choice Humanitarian in Ecuador, Bolivia, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Kenya & Nepal to install water wells, build schools, help disaster victims etc. It is so much more than just sending money. It's more than a "crusade". It's "people helping people" and we are part of this campaign!

Having a "crusade" is different than having a "cause". A "cause" is more of a personal wish, kind of a bucket list. A "cause" can be selfish or non-selfish. It's what we personally wish to do with our profits for survival, survival for our business venture and for helping people close to us. A "crusade" is the public awareness of a public need, kind of like paying back to society. A "crusade" is definitely an un-selfish effort to make the world a better place. A "crusade" is "not" about  funds received for personal distribution but for funds to be placed directly to the "crusade" you choose.

For us, as members, a "crusade" introduces an entirely different market. Members can campaign their crusade to people that don't need the funds and promote the business opportunity based on the "crusade" value of importance and need. This is hugely from the heart of "people helping people" and paying-it-forward to society.

Promotional Benefits:

Promote, Promote, Promote! It's just a number's game to success!

You can provide contests for your members, webinars, podcasts, emails. Staying in contact with your team is very crucial since they will be in your life forever. Our audio webinars are set in two different areas. One is for training and the other is for presenting the opportunity. Use them!

Do not listen to the "NO's" in a negative way. Caress them, since they are practice and also the test's people throw at us.


Something big to remember - "You Can't Fix Stupid" - You will find these people out there. Do not let them bring you down. Successful people do what unsuccessful people won't do!