No More Mr. Niceguy 

One Timer's vs Monthly Plans


One Timer's are perfect for having matrices build quickly and that's very important since incomes are generated from completed lines in a matrix with no empty spots. There is no real selling involved since the purchase is only once and your business just grows without the pressure of chasing people down to continue paying in (out of pocket). It's hard enough to find the people that finally realize that these systems are inevitable to secure a retirement freedom (responsibility curveincome quadrants).

Monthly Plans: When you have a prospect and you are trying to ensure them that doing a monthly purchase will make them money, you need to wine and dine them for a long time. This is not a one-step process but a multi-step process with many visits and mega hours to train this prospect, teach him/her how the product or service works and how the company works. After time, the member decides that they don't want the hassle anymore for the small change they receive and they can't find the downline to help support the cost of the monthly plan. So they quit and then all this reaction runs upline until the team fails. Monthly plans are made for people that have allot of extra disposable income which 95% of the population do not have to spare. To promote monthly plan businesses you will require allot of motivational rah! rah! garbage to keep them enticed. Forget logic or common sense. There is allot of "smoke and mirrors" involved.

Note 1: I recently had a man say to me "he's never seen a "one time" payment business work! Well that's funny because I have been studying over 1,000 businesses and owned 100"s over the last few years, "one timer's" and "monthly", and I have found "ALL" the "one timers" are still running and there are a huge amount of "monthly" businesses that are not online anymore. I find, you can't go by what one person says, you must try them for yourself, like I did! In most cases, you need to look into the back-office of every business to see the way they actually work, which means, just join it!

Note 2: If you have been involved with Multi-Level-Marketing before, then you may have hear the phrase - Do you want to work 100% of 1 (you) or would you want to work 1% of 100 (a team). This is the concept of MLM - pyramids, etc. A logical explanation for having build a team to work with. Well there are allot of hypocrites out there since MLMers seem to say that but want you to work 100% on their business and don't do 2 or 3. What if it fails? Diversification is the key all around (like a mutual fund), Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Multiple streams of income is 1% of 100. Can't you see that?(audio)

One Timer Plans: There is no wining and dining anyone for these. These are all "simple" and easy to promote. They are ALL based on "logic" and "common sense". If you know anything about math, you can see how the numbers work. It's not rocket science. Most of the plans are 100% pay-up. No smoke and mirrors! One Timer's allow you to finance multi-streams of income and allow you the time to do this as well. It takes nothing to promote these since they are "one time" payments and basically run themselves. You promote them on your mobile phone or the internet. Simple and easy. The approach with these are quick and logical. Everyone knows that a matrix doesn't work well unless the positions are filled uniformly. All "one timer's" are built on a forced matrix concept and since they are "one time". It's nothing to "guilt, push, force, arm wrestle or shame" someone to join, using your persuasion of family or friendship. If everyone forced their 1st row of 2 or 3 or 4 and passed that on, the matrix will fill instantly and everyone will make money and fast. It's just common sense and mathematics. Your matrix will fill so fast, you will not believe it could be possible and that easy. And don't forget the concept of "spillover".

Note 3: We are a "crowdfunding, pay-it-forward, random-acts-of-kindness platform. We deal with donations to help others around the world. Our platform is designed for "promotion" and not for selling. It's much easier to promote a "cause" or a "vision" than it is to sell a product or service that they can purchase around the corner for much less.

Note 4: I recently had another gentleman say to me "Crowdfunding is a scam. No-one ever pays the charity" (does that mean he is saying he would never pay it? Who is he speaking for?)


"Speed is important and can be done much faster by one timer's than with monthly programs"

How many streams of income do "you" have right now?