Responsibility Curve

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Now! Let's Break Down Time

In a day you have 24hrs. In that day:

This gives you approximately 3hrs left in your day for the 45 years of life you have before retirement! How you spend this time is completely up do you but I would really think about what life has to offer and they way you use your time. Some people would rather drink, fight, argue, be angry, be mean, but most will want to use this valuable time to enjoy the freshness of life. This gives you "purpose". A reason to wake up the next day and do it all over again. You must remember that, in life, time seems to move faster when you get older. If you do not plan your future now, your future will become your "present" and then your time will run out.

It takes seconds a day to promote this business and when you do it will give you "time AND money", together. This is the only way to buy your time and freedom. Residual Income!

To have your "bucket list" (your purpose) in place is changing your way of thinking. You are now defining your cause, first. This is where you build your legacy


Let's Look at Money

Do you realize that $720,000 at 5% interest will generate $3,000 per month. If you wish to have $3,000 per month, to live on, at age 65, you will have to save $1,333 per month for 45 years (from age 20 to 65). Now if you have not started saving at age 20, you are already behind. Now, in Canada, our government sort of hides the fact that if you have a generous bank account, you will not receive a pension or you will receive a limited pension depending on the amount in your account, yet you have worked all your life for this. To describe what I am getting at - If you save your money to hit a certain amount that counteracts your pension, you will not have enough money to generate the income you desire out of your savings. To have enough in your account to solve this, as example $720,000 for $3,000 per month, you must save "way" beyond. So, If you don't have enough - then why save? You will eat up the amount you have saved from your "hard earned income" This is reality! Unless you had the magic of residual income and to top it off. But what if "this" residual income was de-centralized (non-regulated, private) as most Crypto Currencies are?


The "Spark" Of Life

When winter hits, people freeze up, just like our trees and plants. I have notice, when the buds start growing on the trees, the people begin to come back to life and get motivated. We have a "window of time" which is approximately from the beginning of May until the ending of November, where building your business of residual income can flourish. All you need is the "tool" (metaphor - business, vehicle, machine, system, etc.) to do this for you. This is where Crypto Elevation comes in. If you have defined your cause and found a crusade/vision to promote, you can  build your community up very quickly during this window of time. By the end of the year, you can relax.


Now Let's Look at Solutions

This is where "residual income" comes to play. When your government refuses to pay you for your life long donations to them and you have not reached a savings plateau that generates your desired income, residual income is needed to compensate. Residual income doesn't care about your age or physical health or ailments. Residual income comes because you have thought ahead and set up your plan "B" for your retirement (see income quadrants). Many years ago, 25% of your income went towards your home/rent. Now! it's about 75%. In most cases, to live comfortably or just to get by, you need 2 incomes in the household. This gives each of you 3hrs a day of freedom. A "sense of urgency" is required if you wish to set up a residual income to assist in finances, semi-retire or even just retiring your spouse. Time moves fast and you need to understand "delayed gratification". Residual income just keeps coming in, if you spent a very small amount of time to set this up, it will come. If you snooze, you lose! If you want to just "settle" for what life has to "offer" then do that "or" change your stars and never just settle again.

Multi-Level Marketing, Online Marketing, Community Marketing, Crowd Funding, etc. are the "only" ways to do this. They take very little work, very little energy and a very little amount of time to set up. Don't forget the "delayed gratification" factor. This doesn't happen overnight and it does take some simple work on your part. You "must" get out of your comfort zone and change your way of thinking. Thinking ahead is the key!


Your Why

Seeing these diagrams, pictures and reading these words about all of the about, means nothing, unless you can "feel" your situation and understand that there are good points. You need to have the realization that you could have future health problems. You could end up out-of-job from downsizing. You could end up having to spend your savings on things you did not realize. Only then, will you think about "changing your way of thinking".

Your "why" is where you actually determine that you have some "life" issues and some possible future "financial" issues and that you may need to re-think about the path you need to take since time is moving quicker than you thought. People will not do anything until the issues "hit home". Sooooo - Defining your cause, makes you write down why you even need to do this and give you your personal motivation. Defining your crusade, gives you "public" motivation and shows empathy. Your "why" is very important. It gives you a vision and a purpose to get out of your comfort zone and change your stars.


What is Freedom?

I have been to many seminars and opportunity meetings and have listened to sooooo many people on the forefront telling everyone that they have achieved "freedom" with the business they are promoting. I kept thinking? How is that "freedom" if you have to drive 100's of miles to go to these things, stand at the front, present and then "pet" everyone on the back for doing something. First of all "gratification" should come from within your heart, not from someone who is pretending to be your friend so you don't quit.

Also, you should never "have" to buy product or services because of "qualifying level" requirements (forced sales). Isn't that just settling, again, for things you don't really need or you can buy cheaper and faster yourself?

If you had to give your "promotion link" (which takes 30 seconds) to 10,000 people over the next 10 years to receive a residual of $100,000+ per month for the rest of your life, would you do it? Of coarse you would. It's like having a "cash for life" ticket that you can control the outcome. With Crypto Elevation, there is No meetings, No seminars and No qualifiers. Now that's "freedom".