People ARE People 

People will make you shake your head with frustration but don't feel bad, it's normal. It's enough to drive you crazy. But "You can't fix stupid" and that's a fact of life. I have offered my opportunities to people. Opportunities that would make them allot of money with very little effort and they just ignore them, yet they will go and buy lottery tickets with the worse odds ever and do it constantly.

I have had many people trying extremely hard to find work and struggle with frustration and will never have an "open mind".

I have had people with disabilities that keep them from ever doing better in life and ignore what I introduce to them. "You can't fix stupid". It makes me sick when people wine and cry that they are not getting anywhere but do nothing about it.

The biggest problem is their "comfort zone". People will never "change their stars" if they don't try. If they keep doing what they are doing, in 5 years, nothing will change. You only live once!

It's very disappointing to find so many people that just don't want to better themselves and just want to settle with what they have. I have heard sooooo many times: I hate my job, I hate being broke, I hate my boss, I hate never getting anywhere, etc. To settle for what you have and where you are is a crying shame. We "all" have options in front of us, everywhere. The key to "changing your stars" is in defining your cause, your desires. Without a cause, you have "no" purpose with no desire to change the outcome of your future or even for your family. "You can't resurrect the dead". They will always be the same forever.

The link for "Change Your Way of Thinking" is the most powerful link to understand and promote. If you don't change, you will be average and never change. "Poverty is Majority".