Who Deserves To Receive Your Help ?

Every charity organization, medical organization, biological organization, religious organization, etc. etc. that are registered with government offices are designed for assisting in the needy but everyone knows that only a little of the money, that is required for the cause, ends up at the cause. Simply, because of building costs, employees, taxes, furniture, etc. etc. Also as "job creation".

Every event, structure, needy family, catastrophe, disaster rebuild, disaster victims, etc. are or can be a "recipient" of funding for support from anyone in our realm of communities. Instead of sending money to an office or organization where only a little ends up at the "cause", we have set up our platform to allow people to search out their "cause" and "personally" hand deliver the support they wish to share with them. No more "middle man". 100% straight to your cause!

You can find 1000's of "listed" charities around the world. Pick one or some and make the commitment to support them. Within the PowerXS Group, we have requests sent to us, asking for legitimate support which are listed below or design your own association for supporting a cause that you believe is warranted (let us know so we can add your personal cause to our list).

The PowerXS Group has added support for these "cause's" to our Humanitarian Program

(We want more, honest recipients. Please contact us)

Without a "cause" we have no purpose

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