The Deals To Make

 God gave us "free will"

Your job is to only show people what you have to offer them. It's their "choice" to do it or walk away. Show every one, family, friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. Make them a deal - you will only show them once and you will never talk about it again unless they ask. Because when you become a huge success and you didn't show them - they will be angry at you. Let them say "no" then you can't feel guilty later.

Your family and friends are the best people to approach. Do not be scared of them. They are the easiest to be able to show what you are doing as a side business or a full time business. They "will" listen to you and criticize you like 90. This is a good thing in reality, you may not want to work with your family or friends. You are looking for your families-friends and your friends-friends. This is called third-party influence. Your best off to introduce your business opportunity to them and then "close your book". Kill the close! This is very important. You do not want your friends or family to think you are pushy because if they do, they will not refer you to their friends, and this is what you want.

You need practice and what's better way to practice than on your friends and family. "Repetition is the mother of all skills"

Referrals are very important for your future. They will all end up on your "names list" that you need to prepare and to forever add to. Show me your list and I'll show you your future

You make them a deal

You make them a deal. You say - I want to show you this once and only once. I'm sure this isn't for you but I need the practice. After this, I will never talk about this again unless you ask first. Deal! Once you are done - ASK FOR REFERRALS!

Killing The Close

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