The Power of Income Streams 

"One Timer's" vs "Monthly"  (audio)  -  What Do I Do?  (audio)  -  1% of 100?  (audio)  -  "Keep it simple"  (audio)

How many times have you been told to work 100% on "one" opportunity? Isn't that what we do and did in our jobs? In network marketing our up-lines tell us this too. Why? Because they want you to build their team for them and make them money. In return, you will make a bit! I have done this. Well jobs disappear and network opportunities can slow down or disappear. They either close down or throw you to the curb. Traditional Businesses fail from one of the 3 causes (economy, technology or people). This happens in network marketing too. The old phrase of - do you want 100% of one or 1% of 100, is brilliant but lets see it in a different context. Do you want to risk your future on one opportunity - job or maximize your chances on multiple streams of incomes? The scenario being the difference of relying on one stock with a Stock Broker or a 100 stocks with a Mutual Fund Manager. The secret is "diversification".