I Don't Have Any Spare Time!

You Don't Have Any Time To Do This Business ?

That's a total of 46 seconds for each contact!

The worse and I mean the worse odds for recruiting people are: For every 10 people you contact, 1 will listen. For every 10 people that listen, 1 will buy.

How long does it take to have a coffee or a smoke?

Now! Let's Break Down Time

In a day you have 24hrs. In that day:

This gives you approximately 3hrs left in your day for the 45 years of life you have before retirement! How you spend this time is completely up do you but I would really think about what life has to offer and they way you use your time. Some people would rather drink, fight, argue, be angry, be mean, but most will want to use this valuable time to enjoy the freshness of life. This gives you "purpose". A reason to wake up the next day and do it all over again. You must remember that, in life, time seems to move faster when you get older. If you do not plan your future now, your future will become your "present" and then your time will run out.

It takes seconds a day to promote this business and when you do it will give you "time and money". This is the only way to buy your time and freedom. Residual Income!

To have your "bucket list" (your purpose) in place is changing your way of thinking. You are now defining your cause, first. This is where you build your legacy