The Triple Play 

Some people have trouble marketing this business for what it is since they can't seem to "change their way of thinking". This is not MLM or an Investment program. This is a simple, support donation platform, so treat it as such. The success of making your team grow huge is to "promote" it for what it is, "donations". This means, the greater the donation you are showing for your cause, the greater chance they will see that this is an unselfish program of paying-it-forward. They will listen more because it's coming from your heart. My suggestion is to make your donation up to 80% (truthfully) and keep at least 20% for running capital.

Note: This "triple play" is only for people that are "go-getters" (people that "will" recruit and not just sit there).

You will be giving up a huge amount of your profits in your "loss leader" position. The greater the support for your charity, the greater the push for acceptance to the prospect. You will receive 100% of the donations to your "profit legs" instead.

This adds fast growth in your team and for your Stage Levels. This gives you 220% profits with the "power" of marketing a charity support campaign. People don't need to know that you are "double and triple dipping" and will be signing up under your main "promo" link. The "forced matrix" makes this work! Everyone recruited under the main "promo" link, goes directly under your first level spots and this will build momentum.

For Campaign 2 - this will cost you $90 x 3 USD of Ethereum, since you are buying 3 spots. The first spot is your "loss leader" that drives your motivation and the other two are your profit spots (anonymous, of coarse).

Give a little to gain allot!


To learn how to do this properly, call or email me and I will assist you - Michael R. Courtois, 1-519-591-2541,