Discover Your Vision 

Your "cause" comes from your personal needs and well-being. Charity starts at home. In order to go beyond your needs and help others, you need to look after yourself first or you end up over extending your funds and then you become in trouble yourself. So your "cause" is very important as the foundation of your well-being. How you survive financially and how you use funds for people in your surroundings, depends on you and the decisions you make and the tools you use (metaphor - business, vehicle, machine, system, etc.).

Once you have "defined your cause" you can focus on your desire to pay-back to society through charities and foundations that you wish to support. This will be your personal "crusade" and your reason to have the public assist you in your efforts by becoming a member of your "family community" of donators. Defining your "crusade", also becomes your "vision".

Vision is seeing beyond what you see in front of you.

You dream of it and you can do it! You don't need an Organization. You don't need a Charity. You can do it yourself. Directly! You can by-pass the "middle man" and put in place your very own "crusade" from your very own "vision". When donating to an organization, foundation or charity, you must realize that running capital is required (as you need yourself). The problem is that these organizations, support huge buildings, high running costs and pay staff to operate. This means very little of the funds you donate make it to the cause! You can by-pass the "middle-man" and do this directly and you can feel comfortable that all the money you send will reach the cause you support without loss.