One Timers 


Our Focus is Onetimers - The Flagships of Migration

Why? (audio)


We have set up a unique package of multiple streams of income that migrate members throughout. These are what we call "one-timers" and they are just what the name means. You pay for the program, once and never pay out-of-pocket again. They are extremely simple and affordable. This is a good thing but also portrays a bad thing. The simplicity of these business opportunities creates doubt since for years MLM has ruled the internet and people are trying to figure out the "catch". Well there is no catch. What you see is what you get. There are no secrets or smoke and mirrors in the structure of these programs. One-timers are fairly new and are designed in a way that make sense and are logical. If you can add 2 + 2 or multiply 3 x 2, you can see and understand how these all work. In almost "ALL" of them, the money moving through the system is 100% to the owner. Not 70% or 30% like all the MLM's on the internet which people only know (some may have admin fees but say it right up front).

Onetimers require:

Onetimers offer:

We are using a crowdfunding platform to promote our opportunities. This makes it simple and easy. No selling or marketing. Just promote your cause and offer to help promote theirs. That's it! (if you had the money to support an organization, which one would you support?)

Note: We have nothing against MLM - product and service business opportunities. We have lots in our portfolio "toolbox". But they move slow and end up costing allot of money and frustration. We are using "onetimers" to generate income so if you wish to go that route, you have the disposable income to commit to monthly payment programs